Sunday, January 22, 2012

Being Present

"Presence is the one thing necessary for wisdom, and in many ways, it is the hardest thing of all. Just try to keep 1) your heart space open, 2) your mind without division or resistance, and 3) your body not somewhere else—and all at the same time! Most religions just decided it was easier to believe doctrines and obey often-arbitrary laws than the truly converting work of being present. Those who can be present will know what they need to know, and in a wisdom way."  Richard Rohr

I just wanted to share this quote from one of my favorite writers/speakers, Fr. Richard Rohr.  It truly speaks to the journey I am currently taking that is leading me away from trying to fit a square peg (me) into a round whole (my Church).  I grew up in a Church that was beginning to take this journey of authentic living, with the Second Vatican Council, but somewhere along the way chose power and control over evolving as persons and as a community of Faith.  As I have often said, "I have not left my Catholic Faith, my Church has".

Finding God in the present moment, is truly, the only place to find God.  I honestly think that spending time trying to control other people's beliefs and other people's actions, is a waste of the Spirit that is available to us all.  I think of the time and effort that the US Bishops have spent trying to condemn the writings of Theologian Elizabeth Johnson.  I pray this day that each one of them might take the time to be present with her writings, and be brave enough to embrace the evolution of humanity that is happening, with or without them.

Peace to you this day!



  1. I love your mindfulness and commitment to be present. I am capable of going "there" for certain necessary events and moments, but in the overall direction of my life and ministry, I am often either grasping, or reacting with pain, anger, hurt and sadness to the abuse I have suffered at the hands of the Church. I so agree that is the hierarchy who has moved, not the faith, and really not the faithful. May the Spirit bring a return to the right path we were on after Vatican II. Alas I fear we shall not see it in our life time.

  2. Brian, we must talk soon as I would like to know more of your journey in the past couple of years. I love your wisdom and your commitment to growth! I love your sense of humor as it is always tinged with just enough cinicism, to really connect with my Be well and let's talk soon. (And you have a standing invite to come to Florida if you really need some r and r). Love always, Mary :)