Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seeing With the Eyes of the Mystics

I’m really trying to see through all of the political rhetoric with the eyes of a mystic, but my head is spinning and my heart is broken.  Bishops in my Church are actively campaigning against our President on the false premise that he is pro-abortion and that his opponent is “Pro-Life”.   As Hillary Clinton has said, “I don’t know anyone who is Pro-Abortion”.  Abortions have gone down under President Obama’s administration due to funding of the Pregnant Women Support Act; funding that will most likely be cut under a Romney/Ryan Administration.   Mitt Romney financially profited from the abortion industry while at Bain Capital.  (See Huffington Post articles on my page about this issue, as well as his other pro-death alliances).

This comes back to the age old battle within my Church of Orthodoxy verses Orthopraxy.  Apparently as long as a candidate SAYS he/she is pro-life, this is enough for the US Roman Catholic Bishops.  (Never mind that Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on this issue depending on who his audience is).  But when a pro-choice President actually reaches out to women in crisis pregnancies and offers them support to carry their baby to term, this is not enough?  You see, what someone BELIEVES (Orthodoxy) versus how someone ACTS (Orthopraxy) has always carried the day in the Roman Catholic Church.
It is time for me to retreat into serious prayer for my Church leaders, for our Country, and for those I love who are too afraid to break from the Bishops, and do their own homework on the VERY important issues of our day.  Abortion is not the only issue we face in our Country.  As we have painfully seen in the Northeast this past week, climate change is REAL and voting for candidates who deny its existence is not something I can do in good conscience.  My church is supposed to be on the side of being good stewards of the earth, but apparently the Bishops no longer care about that either.  Equal rights for ALL people are important to me as well, but apparently not to the leaders of my Church.

These are very dark days in my Church.  I am tired of the level of hypocrisy in my Church leaders.  It literally breaks my heart.  I don’t judge my Church leaders for their sins, just because their sins are different than mine.  I judge them for their CRIMES.   I long for the day when the US Bishops finally take full responsibility for their role in perpetuating the sexual abuse of children, so that they can again, “see as the mystics see”, and be a true moral voice of reason again in our Country, as was in the day of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin.  Only then, will they be able to proclaim to all that it is FAR greater a sin in the eyes of God for a corporate mogul to profit from the abortion industry, than for a woman in a crisis pregnancy, feeling alone and scared, to choose this desperate option.   For now, they support the former, and all for a political party that refuses to change the law of the land, because that would end their hold on the pro-life vote.

I am Pro-Life from conception until natural death, and they do NOT have mine.



  2. Beautifully written Mary . My eyes are open to the hypocrisies of our Church , supporting the rich and not caring about the poor , it to saddens me . It is really all about the mighty dollar .

  3. I actually think it is about power...over Government, and especially over women. I guess they learned who has the power...our President won the Catolic vote.

  4. Very nice Mary, and very honest insights. Can I post your blog on our website?
    Best, DBH.